The Cow Said Neigh! - Book Review

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The Cow Said Neigh - A Farm Story - written by Rory Feek and illustrated by Bruno Robert, is an adorable children's book of animal chaos on the farm. Each animal wishes that it could be something different, so it starts making a different animal noise. It begins with the cow who wishes he could run free like a horse, so he begins to neigh. The horse hears the cow and decides he would like to be a duck, so he can lounge in the pond all day. The duck would like to be a sheep, the sheep would like to be a pig, and so on so forth. Every animal makes the sound of the next animal it sees, with the last animal being a cat that says hello, the farmer hears this and decided the only thing he can do is.. moo like a cow! Which brings the story into a full circle of silly animal sounds! 

I love the illustrations and cute flow of the story. Kids will have so much fun reading along and making the animal sounds as they go. This is a great book for preschoolers learning about animals, and it will bring laughter and fun to every reading session!  

You can find The Cow Said Neigh available for purchase on Amazon or at the Faith Gateway Store, available in either hardcover or board-book.

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