Daily Goodie Box - December 2019

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.  

December brought another fun-filled Goodie Box! This one is perfect for the holidays because it contained chocolate! :) As well as other items that were fun to try! Check them out below.

BodyBio - E-Lyte Electrolyte Concentrate - This liquid is easy to use, just a capful of the concentrate, poured into an 8oz glass of water, and it's ready to drink! It's said to replenish your electrolytes and more, So it's great for dehydration and to drink after playing a sport or working out hard. Aside from the good nutrients, I didn't really like this product, because of its texture and taste. I found it to be very salty and left my mouth feeling odd, like I had been drinking creamy salt. I think it could possibly be better if the liquid was flavored, or added to an already flavored drink, but I personally wouldn't recommend this liquid in water.

Aprati Foods - Mocati™ Hard Candy Assortments - These little candies were fun to try! I loved the delicious coffee flavors and that each piece was long lasting. The pack contained 3 flavors: Caramel Macchiato, Mocha Mint, and Espresso. I enjoyed each one, but I think the Caramel Macchiato was my favorite. Perfect for on the go!

Lock Laces® - Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces - These no tie elastic shoelaces are perfect for joggers, or putting on your little ones shoes, to prevent them from coming untied. The pack comes with 2 laces and they're one size fits all so it will work on all shoes!

Michael's® Naturopathic Programs - Adrenal Xtra ENERGY Support™ - I have yet to try these yet, as I am afraid of taking the 3 pill dosage haha. These pills are huge! I would love to have natural energy on a tired day, but the amount you have to take just to get that, is kind of daunting.

Chocolat Frey® - Crunchy Nut Bars - This was by far my favorite product in this months Goodie Box! I love all things chocolate, especially when hazelnuts are added to the mix! The candy bar was made and shaped directly from Switzerland so that makes it extra special. The only thing I would change about this had, is to maybe have the hazelnuts cut in half, instead of whole. But overall, it was delicious and I would love to try more of their products!

Dalmatia® - Fruit Spreads - I received the Dalmatia Tangerine Spread, which made me happy because it made me think of Paddington Bear and his Orange Marmalade :) Although I've never been very fond of orange flavored jellies, this one was fun to try and tasted pretty good on a piece of toast. I would have preferred it to be less sweet, but the texture was good and I really enjoyed trying it out.

Enzymedica - Heartburn Relief - Unfortunately, I've joined the crowd with many others who experience heart burn on a daily basis. I've tried many products and none of them seem to work very well for instant relief. I was hoping to get lucky, and find this one would work, but unfortunately it didn't for me.

NibMor - Daily Dose Chocolate Bars - Another delicious chocolate product for this chocolate lover, and it really hit the spot. I received the Dark Chocolate Tart Cherry bar and it was delicious! The cherry mixed with the chocolate was perfection. These bars are the perfect size for an after meal dessert. Definitely recommend!

I've enjoyed trying another batch of products and looking forward to the next! Would you like to try your in Goodie Box for free? Join the Daily Goodie Box to receive your own set of products to test!
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I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own.

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