Crafting and Creating Barbie Sized Firewood

   In some ways, we never really grow up haha.. I loved playing with Barbies when I was a kid, and now that I'm all grown up, I don't enjoy playing with them, but I do like the idea of creating crafts with them! Something I've been wanting to do for awhile now are occasional "Create with Barbie" posts where I do a fun new craft or mini project of some sort. Today's idea is creating Barbie sized firewood for her to build fires while she's camping!

   To make these pieces of firewood, all you need is corrugated cardboard and something to keep the pieces to stick together. I used glue dots, but tape or glue would work as well. Then you need some sort of ink to color the cardboard. I used ink pads but you could also use markers or crayons. You begin by rolling the corrugated cardboard into rolls and glue the flap down so it stays in place. Make 3 or 4 "stumps" and you have the beginnings of campfire!

   After making the "wood" you can make some "fire" using construction paper. Once done, start setting up a woods scenery with Barbie. Maybe even take her outdoors for some realistic play! And don't forget to bring her sleeping bag, and some marshmallows to roast over that fire!

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