Daily Goodie Box - March 2020

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own. 

I received a the March Daily Goodie Box, this one filled with helpful things to keep me going, from everyday beauty to healthy additions, this box came at the perfect time for a pick me up!

Cate & Chloe - Ariel Tempest Halo Stud Earrings, made with 18k white gold plating a Grade CZ Crystal stones, these earrings are a beauty in them-self, sure to sparkle in the light. I really like the looks of these earrings and found them to be gorgeous, perfect for fancy occasions; But when I placed them in my ears, I found them to be a bit too big for my preference, somewhat weighing down my ear lobes looking kind of silly. I would love if they were about half the size they are, as I prefer smaller earrings on my earlobes.

Tiger Balm Active - Muscle Spray - I love how easy to use this spray is. You just spray it on the area where your sore muscles are and you're good to go. This is much better than having to get your hands messy with the original rub. Plus I find it smells better, with an added mintyness from the menthol. It helps my achy muscles feel better too!

Prince Of Peace - Ginger Chews with Lychee reminds me of those sour patch candies because at first, the lychee brings the sweetness, then the ginger packs a punch of spice. These candies are much like taffy, as they are chewy, but meant to be sucked on. They're interesting in taste, but I've noticed they help sore throats feel better which is great for cold and allergy seasons. Plus ginger is really good for upset stomachs! Great little candy overall, especially if you love ginger.

Blister Balm  - External Analgesic Ointment, is naturally made medicated with Desert Botanical jojoba to provide relief and healing for those that get cold sores or fever blisters. It helps relieve pain and itching, and keeps it cool with menthol. I personally don't get cold sores or fever blisters, but this seems like a good product to help with the uncomfortableness.

Prince & Spring - Stellar Seltzer Water - I received the flavor Tangerine, with high hopes of it tasting amazing, but unfortunately I could only taste the seltzer. I wish the tangerine flavor was stronger so I could actually taste it. I ended up mixing mine with fruit juice, and enjoyed the bubbly texture.

Prince & Spring - Fruit & Nut Bars are perfect for an on-the-go snack. I received the Almond Coconut flavor, which is a nice mix of sweet and salty, filled with nutrients making it a great bar to take with you on a hike or to eat after a workout. I do think the bars are a bit hard and would love if they were made softer. Each bar contains 4g of protein and 7g of sugar.

Teami Blends - Alive Tea Blend - I'm not usually a fan of green tea, as it tends to have a fishy flavor to me, but I like that Teami Blends mixes their green tea with lemongrass and ginger, making it a combined flavor. I love that this tea helps provide natural energy while keeping your immune system up and aiding in digestion. I've been drinking this tea nearly everyday and have learned to enjoy the flavor!

Real Chemistry - Environmental Rescue Mask to the rescue! It's been a stressful couple months, so having a face mask to help relieve some of that facial tension is definitely a blessing lol. I love that this mask will help reduce fine wrinkles, enhance elasticity, and brighten the skin. I used mine shortly after receiving; keeping it on for 20 minutes, then rubbing in the serum. I was a bit disappointed, as I didn't feel or notice any difference in using this mask, but I think you cant really tell over one use. I like that it didn't have a strong smell, and was simple to use.

I've enjoyed trying another batch of products and looking forward to the next! Would you like to try your in Goodie Box for free? Join the Daily Goodie Box to receive your own set of products to test! 

Daily Goodie Box. It's more than just Free Samples! 

I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own.

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