The Love Note -Book Review

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   The Love Note by Joanna Davidson Politano is a Victorian-era romance about a character named Willa Duvall who is a nurse that desires to become a doctor like her father, when all her father wants for her is to get married and settle down. After several denied marriage proposals, Willa retrieves to the desk in her room, and stumbles across an unopened lover letter that was hidden in the cracks of her desk. She traces the location to where the letter originated from, and decides to take up a nursing position in that same dwelling. The letter becomes misplaced and passed around to different people, all reaching each ones life a little differently. A mystery is left to be unraveled, and Willa is determined to figure it out. 

   This was an incredibly great read. I loved that it was set in a historical Victorian era, really forming a picture to the story. I loved reading about Willa's determination and inner strength she had, to see her goals come to pass, all while uncovering a lifelong mystery of love, lost and found. Her strong will and longing to find the original owner of the letter, leads you on an intriguing ride that leaves this wondering what will happen next! This is an excellent read, I definitely recommend it! 

   You can find The Love Note available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle, Hardcover, or Paperback.
 I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own

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