Daily Goodie Box - June 2021

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own. 

I received an amazing Goodie Box for the month of June, check out all these fun items below!!

Vit Health - Beyond Gorgeous Vitamins. I've been using these vitamins since they've arrived and haven't noticed any difference to anything yet, but I do want to state that these pills are easy to swallow and actually have an almost sweet outer coating, helping them go down easier and be more tolerable to take. I'm not sure if they're working but I hope so!
I absolutely love these shortbread biscuit cookies! They have such a nice subtle raspberry flavor mixed with the buttery goodness that shortbread has. It's a bit overkill on the amount of powdered sugar they coat the cookies in, but the sweet flavor and crunch makes these my favorite part of the Goodie Box!
Nature Nut - Shampoo for Normal Hair. This shampoo has a nice musky scent to it and leaves my hair clean and moisturized. It does leave my hair a bit limp once dry, so it would be great if they made a volumizing product, but overall it gets the job done and smells great!
Bare Republic - Hand Sanitizer Spray. This sanitizer spray is a great way to keep your hands clean when you're out and about. The bottle size is perfect for taking with you on the go, whether in your car or purse, it doesn't take up a lot of room and it's so easy to use with just a few spritzes. 
Honey Belle - Seaweed Spirulina DIY Detox Mask. This mask comes as a powder that you add some sort of liquid to, to form a paste that you apply to your face. I just add water to mine and it makes a nice texture that you apply to your skin and let sit for anywhere between 5-20 minutes. It washes off easily and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. Only thing I don't like is the smell. It's awful! But I would love to try their other products!
Eco-Dent - Dental Gum, Tooth Powder & Daily Rinse. These products all help keep your breath fresh and your mouth clean. The gum was easy to chew but lost its flavor quickly, the powder was disgusting-much like Baking Soda, but the rinse was minty fresh. 
We Are Rugged Beauty - Long Lasting Nail Polish. The nail polish goes on smooth and gives off a neutral color... Not my color preference but I know others like it just fine. It has a strong nail polish scent, so definitely have to apply it in a well ventilated area, or even outside, because it's probably one of the strongest polishes I've smelt. The polish doesn't seem to last any longer than other polishes I've used, but when it begins chipping, it's easily removable with nail polish remover.

ShiKai - Healthy Glow CBD Night Cream. I've been using this night cream every night since I received it, and though it's moisturizing, I feel that you have to use a lot at one time and it doesn't seem very long lasting. I haven't noticed any 'healthy glow' that it claims to give, but it's a decent product to use and I hope to see its benefits working soon. 

    I have enjoyed testing all the products in this fun Goodie Box. Learning about new items always makes me happy and gives me a heads up about things I might want to buy in the future! 

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I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own.  

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