DIY Gift Bag From Wrapping Paper

If you need a last minute Gift Bag, but all you have on hand is wrapping paper, and absolutely no calico bags in sight, then check out this simple way to turn paper into a bag that you can gift your presents in!

First you will need the supplies... a box (or something square/rectangle shaped), scissors, tape, a glue stick, and your choice of wrapping paper. You begin by cutting the wrapping paper to the size of the box. An ordinary shoe box works great. You fold the paper over on the box, leaving an inch or so of space, and cut the shape of a square or rectangle. 
    Once you have your shape, fold about an inch or two of the top over, gluing it down to produce a nice clean look. Then take the paper and wrap it around the box you used, taping the end, while pressing the sides to give a form to the bag. On the end of the bag, wrap it as you would if you were wrapping your box, tape and all. Then slowly pull the box from the bag and it should be complete! 
   Do some extra creasing on the edges to give it a cleaner look, and for it to stand up better. You can also add handles to the top of your bag. I would suggest putting in a piece of card stock on the bottom of the bag, to give it better support. 
   Once you get the hang of it, it takes no time to make this bag, so it's great for last second ideas. But if you're only using wrapping paper for this, make sure not to hold heavy items inside. You could attempt to make smaller versions of these bags with construction paper, Newspaper, Chip Bags, and more! 

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