Daily Goodie Box - December 2021

 Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.
  I received another fun Goodie Box for the month of December, and this one had probably been my favorite yet! So many yummy items in this one. Check them out below! 

I wasn't very fond of this flavor due to the extra oaty taste. I think that if the oats were a little less strong, and the vanilla was more heightened, it would make this drink much better.

I like the scent of this pain relief goo, because it's not too strong and overwhelming like a lot of other products are. Unfortunately I haven't noticed it help any pained areas yet, but it has a relaxing tone and is good for massages.
I had this sitting in my pantry, thinking it was a bar you pour hot water over, to produce a cup of hot coffee. But then I realized it's actually a bar you eat, like candy! 🤦‍♀️ And once I realized this, I was quite pleased because this bar is delicious!! It has a similar taste to chocolate covered espresso beans, but without the flaky pieces. It tastes so good and the texture is like a piece of chocolate. My favorite part of this Goodie Box!
Toast! - Before You Drink Gummies - It's not often that I drink to achieve a next day hangover, but if I do, having gummies to eat ahead of time can be pretty helpful on the head. However, the taste these gummies have are awful. They taste very similar to multivitamins, or the numbing stuff the dentist puts on your teeth before a filling haha. Not the greatest tasting gummy out there, but if they work, why not!

Little Secrets Chocolate - Peppermint Pieces In Dark Chocolate - These little peppermint pieces were so good! The peppermint flavor was strong but it mixed well with the chocolate. It was like eating minty M&M's but they taste better for you!
Bushwick Kitchen - Meyer Lemon Honey Sticks - I use to love these honey sticks when I was a kid! I've never seen a spicy flavor like this before though. The spice is very strong, and mixes well with the honey, if you like that kind of thing. I prefer my honey to be sweet, but this is great for those that like spicy! The honey drizzles out nicely, and would be fantastic on a more savory food. These might make a fun gift to share with those that like a little spice on their food! 

Nailak - Cuticle & Nail Oil -
This nail oil is especially good to put on my nails in the winter, where they tend to need a little extra tlc. I haven't noticed any difference since using, but I do like the way my nails feel after I apply the oil. They feel moisturized and taken care of. 
This soap was pleasant, with a faint scent. It lathered well and made lots of bubbles, while cleansing my skin. I like that it's sensitive skin friendly and didn't seem to dry my skin out. I felt clean and fresh after each use.

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       I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own.  

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