Feasting On Adorable Little Skeleton Head Cakes

My favorite month, because Fall is here, and it's my Birthday Month! ☺

   And with October here, that means Halloween is near us, so what better way to celebrate, than to make mini skeleton head cakes! This pan is amazing; made heavy duty of cast iron and cooks everything evenly. You have to oil each section, and then apply a light sprinkling of flour, before adding in the batter to bake. This helps the cakes ease out of the pan once done. The skeleton heads turn out so cute, you can leave as is or decorate with frosting and candies. There are so many possibilities you could do with these cakes: decorate them for parties, hold a cake decorating contest, make a fun charcuterie board, these cakes would even be good for Dia de Los Muertos! But ultimately, you can enjoy this design any time of year because why not?! They're just too cute!

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