Go See the Movie After Death in Theaters Starting 10/27

    Based on real near-death experiences, the film, After Death from Angel Studios brings you stories from those that have nearly died and lived to tell. This movie contains interviews from not only the survivors, but also from doctors, authors, and scientists who have been there to see the other side and share their experiences with you. Many people wonder what happens after we die so this movie is an invitation to help you understand death a little better, from both spiritual and scientific dimensions.

    Like most humans on this Earth, I have had quite a few people close to me, pass away. Though I have been taught many things, I have always wondered what happens after one has passed on...You have ideas but you will never really know until it happens to you. Watching this video filled me with interest, because these are stories from people who have actually been through, basically death, and lived to tell about it. It's interesting that so many stories end up being similar to others, really making you wonder if that is how death will be. I feel that this film After Death, is helpful to show to not be afraid of death, but I also worry that it will encourage others to look forward to death. It all depends on the person perceiving it I guess. I really did find the stories that were shared, fascinating, however there were so many guests they brought in to share their own stories, but they didn't end up  elaborating on the ones I was most interested in; for example, the guy who took too much cocaine...I wanted to hear his whole story but they only shared a small piece of it. Overall, this film is good to watch and helps build up more ideas and understanding of what happens when you die. 


   If you would like to see After Death in theaters when it comes out on October 27th, you can purchase tickets at angel.com where you can also pay it forward! Meaning you can donate money for those who can't afford to see the movie.

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Many thanks to Angel Studios for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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