A Relaxing Movie Night Watching: Surprised by Oxford


   Based on a true story and memoir of Carolyn Weber, Surprised by Oxford is a deep and emotional story about main character Caro Drake, and her trials through life, which includes getting accepted into a prestigious college, with the goal and desire to receive a PhD. Upon Caro's new life in Oxford, she meets several people, including a young man, that she finds herself falling in love with. This begins a new path in her life, where she begins tearing down walls and dealing with past emotions that have taken up such a large space in her heart.

   I am a big fan of Memoirs and always interested when they become movies. Watching Surprised by Oxford was a great, relaxing film to watch and wind down for the night. One that pairs well with wine and chocolate ♡ I loved the acting portrayed by actress Rose Reid, it was very well done --with Caro's wit and strength she carried, even though her heart harbored pain from her past, it was very uplifting end enjoyable to see. You could feel the emotions build up and watching it all unfold, as she ponders some big questions in life. Watching this gave me the desire to read the Memoir this movie was based on, as I think it would be interesting! However, I feel like the movie was rushed in plot, yet dragged on and needed to fill in the silence with more information. I would have liked to see more story line in there, but overall as a whole, it was engaging and makes for a calm movie night.  

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