10 Simple Ways To Keep Your House Looking Tidy

 If you find your house isn't looking too clean and you just don't have the time or energy to do the things you need to do to get it tidy, here are 10 different ways that you can fake it til you make it. These tips will give your house a mini facelift for the in-between phase of going from messy to organized. 

1. Keep Your Counters Clear of Junk

2. Fluff Your Couch Pillows

3. Have a Nearby Basket To Hold Clutter Until You Can Put It Away

4. Dust Low Areas With Your Socks (Still On Your Feet!)

5. Wipe Counters As You Go

6. Keep Hand Towels Straightened

7. Tidy Bed With A Fluff Of The Blankets

8. If You Have The Money, Invest in a Robot Vacuum to Keep Your Floors Clean

9. Minimize the Amount of Knick Knacks You Have In Your House

10. Wash The Dishes After Every Use So They Don't Stack Up in the Sink

These easy tips will help you keep your home looking clean and tidy until you have enough energy to get the deeper cleaning done.


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