Shout Wipe & Go Sample Testing

So a few days back, I received a Shout Wipe & Go Stain Remover sample. 
I tried it out on my husbands white dress shirt which had a dark collar stain.

Here is the before photo of the stain:

I used the Shout wipe exactly how it told me to, on the back of the package. I wiped and scrubbed and nothing happened. The stain didn't remove at all. It didn't get much lighter either...

After using Shout Wipe & Go Stain Remover:

Sad to say...these stain remover wipes do not work for me...I will stick to my Tide spray stain remover. It works wonders. AND it has a great scent!

I received a free sample and wanted to share my thoughts on it. No compensation involved.


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