My Family Movie Night Package!

I received a Family Movie Night limited edition package to review, from ChildsPlay Communications filled with all kinds of goodies! An assortment of Horrid Henry-inspired jokes which include a wind up chattering teeth toy, a joy buzzer, and a water balloon kit. An original Horrid Henry book, $25 Walmart gift card for movie night snacks and the new Horrid Henry Movie


My son had tons of fun and laughter with the chattering teeth and buzzer. 
The water balloons will be enjoyed once it's warmer outside.
The snacks we had for our movie night consisted of Juice, crackers, and ice cream!

We had a great family movie night, my son was so excited, he loves these moments :) 
And absolutely loved the movie slime!  
(although I wish they made the movie slime bag seal able so it can be closed and put away without worry of it spilling! lol)

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