Perk Vent Wraps Air Freshener Review

A Perk Vent Wrap is a air freshener for your car, that you place inside your car's air vent, and it's totally discreet! The unique design of the vent wrap makes it virtually visible, gripping the vents blades so it won't block the air flow but it will allow a good scent to filter throughout your car. The wrap is made up of a black protective cover with StediScent beneath it, which is a fragrance delivering technology that regulates the fragrance so it's just right.

Perk Vent Wraps come in a pack of 4, each one individually wrapped, and will provide you with 60 days of fragrance. They are easy to place into your vent, clipping and staying in place. The only downfall is the scent gets on your hands if you're not careful. I try to use part of the package it comes in, to place it into the vent. It doesn't look very discreet in my cars vent, I assume because it's an older car... at least it blends in with the black color. The smell is fresh and lingers well, however a bit strong. Most of the smells tend to give me a headache because the car isn't well ventilated so the smell is all in your face.
But I tried the strips in my bathroom and it works great! I clipped one on each side of the sliding mirrors on the medicine cabinet doors. It works great, mixing Absolute Zero and Clean Laundry in the same room together. It also works really good clipping onto fans. When the fan blows, your room will smell glorious! My favorite smell of the 5 Perk freshener's is the Golden Vanilla. It smells kind of tropical with a hint of vanilla. The 5 scents that Perk Vent Wraps come in are: Absolute Zero, Clean Laundry, Golden Vanilla, Lush Valley, and New Car. An aroma for every taste!

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*I received a free sample through MSiley360 to review in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions my own.

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