Making #AirheadCrafts With Smiley360

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own. 

As a member of the Smiley360 club, I received a super fun mission to make edible crafts using Airheads. You know what Airheads are right? The childhood candy, full of chewiness and tang. Those taffy like strips you may or may not have pretended were long tongues when you were a kid....

Airheads add a fun and colorful touch to any craft-able food item. And the awesome thing is, they are gluten free and peanut free, so they are a safe go to for children with allergies! You can use Airheads to mold, cut, and shape into all kinds of things, adding the little extra pizzazz to your project. 

I never realized just how hard molding Airheads would be, until I experienced it first hand. After seeing all the craft ideas, I thought it would be a piece of cake...boy was I wrong! So our little Airhead Crafts didn't come out as cute as I hoped, but me and my son had a lot of fun making them!

We attempted a couple things, as you can see....

On the top row, my son made: A scarecrow, a Popsicle, and a Monster.
On the bottom row, I made: A Turkey, a Face topper for a cookie, and an easy ribbon. 

What would you make if you crafted with Airheads? 
Click HERE to see some of the cute ideas you could make!

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where you can find more ideas and fun!!

 I participated in this mission as a member of Smiley360, and in return I am entered into a sweepstakes.  
No compensation has been involved. All opinions are my own.

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