Snuggle Ultra Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own. 

As a member of the Snuggle Bear Den, I was sent a bottle of Snuggle Ultra Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener to review and it smells amazing! This softener is described as 'a blend of white floral and bright green citrus notes that snuggle up to warm woody notes and soft musk for comforting, long-lasting freshness your family will love' And I agree with every bit of that statement!

Snuggle has never let me down with their products, and this is another one I truly love. It is easy to use, with just a cap full poured into your washers fabric softener compartment, or if your washing machine is like mine and doesn't have one, I just pour the liquid into the stream of water before I load the clothes in. The bottle says to not let clothes come in to contact with the softener as it may stain, but I haven't had any problems yet, since I add it to the water before I add in our clothes. The softener leaves our clothing soft with every wash, and smells so SO good! The clean scent lingers on our clothing for days, keeping the closets smelling fresh and our clothing even fresher. It contains Snuggle Fresh release technology that ensures your fabrics to stay fresh for up to 30 days. It's really great! I feel like I'm in one of those laundry commercials where the person can't stop smelling their clean laundry lol. I really love this scent and use it in all of our loads, especially on towels and blankets. In fact, I washed one of our couch throw blankets a week ago and it still smells fresh like Snuggle softener! I love Snuggle!

You can find the Snuggle Ultra Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener available for purchase in your local stores, of on Amazon or Target in 50oz or 96oz.

This post is made possible by the Snuggle Bear Den, in providing me the products to review. All opinions my own.


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