Handy Kitchen Utensils: Pizza Cutter, Cloths, & Tongs

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

A few items I use in the kitchen. Whether I'm slicing pizza, cleaning the counters, or flipping food, each of these tools comes in handy!

The Ohuhu Stainless Steel pizza cutter is small and slick with a sharp cutting blade and clean cut mirror image reflection. I tried using it to cut thick pizza crust and it worked beautifully. Much better than our previous pizza cutter! I love this cutters sleek design and modern feel to it, however, I do wish the handle was a bit thicker. After cutting two pizzas, my hand felt more sore than it does with our original cutter, because of the handle being so much smaller. Overall this is a great pizza cutter and the blade is perfectly sharp to cut through the thickest pizzas. It would make a great piece to give as a house warming gift, paired with pizza ingredients and what not. OR if you're just looking for a new pizza cutter, this one works great! It replaced our old one and I am very pleased with that.

The Royal Classic Kitchen Cotton Towels are absorbent and clean up dirty kitchen counters, though much thinner than I expected them to be. They are made of very course material which makes them inappropriate for hand drying in my opinion lol. They make great cleaning rags though and seem to soak up liquids better than my original dish towels do. Because they are so thin, they dry fast, however, they do shrink after washing and drying in the machine. This is a great price for 15 towels so if you need a cheap house warming basket filler or rags to get things done such as bar mops or car rags, these work great for that.

 I love having an extra pair of Tongs on hand. I find myself needing them for lots of foods such as flipping/grabbing sausages or chicken breast and foods I fry, that having just one set wasn't enough! Now I have three pair or tongs and use them nearly every week. They are such a great tool to have on hand. They make picking up food easier and quicker. This Daily Kitchen Premium Tongs Set is better then the previous tong I owned, so that's great. The grooves on the pincher part hold the food items well, and the top to lock/unlock for use is easy to do. The tongs feels sleek and nice in the hands, and match the other kitchen utensils nicely. I like that there is the option of black or red, so it's convenient for any kitchen. These are the perfect tongs, they work so well, that they are my new favorite kitchen tool.

You can find each of these products available for purchase on Amazon. They make a great set of house warming gifts or just items to stock upon in your kitchen.

I received complimentary products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

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