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Improve your gut health with Restore, a soil-derived mineral supplement made to fight everyday environmental and food-born factors while providing a good space for the healthy bacteria to flourish. Restore also helps protect your immune system and intestinal walls by nurturing membranes in the gut and blood/brain barrier to work correctly and keep our bodies healthy. It helps rid of the nasty items our insides contain such as junk from processed foods, GMO's, gluten, and herbicides, just to name a few. Restore will help destroy these chemicals and create a stable environment for our guts to give us a better well being.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I began using Restore. I liked the idea of ridding the toxins from my body and cleaning me out to be a healthier version of myself. Upon opening, I noticed that Restore doesn't really have a scent, though it is a yellow color, like that of apple juice. The taste is plain, but when I drank it at room temperature, the liquid made me want to gag lol, so I keep mine in the fridge, though this isn't required. I drink 1tsp at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and take it like a shot in a medicine cup. It's easy to do, but makes it more inconvenient than a pill you take once a day. For the first 3 days, I feel like I noticed a difference in my body, in that of being able to flow easier, which in turn, left me feeling lighter which I loved. But after that 3rd day, I haven't noticed a difference at all. I finished the entire bottle and am not sure if It did anything for me or if I should even notice any changes. It was nice to try and if it did indeed build up my guts for the better, then it was worth it. 

Included in the kit I received was the Restore Sinus Spray. It came at the perfect time, when my allergies were flared up and my nose was desperate for an itch relief. Within minutes of using the spray, my nose felt much more relieved! It helped sooth my nasal passage and clean it of any dust particles that may have been in there. I've only tested it one other time since then, because my allergies haven't been bothering me, but I will definitely be using it again! 

Trying Restore to improve your gut health might be a good option for you. You can get a 20% discount at until July 16, 2017 if you use the code B7X66JY

Restore can be found available for purchase on their website ( in practitioner offices, health food stores, Amazon, and GNC stores nationwide. You can also find more information, pictures and more on their Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram

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