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The Hideaway by Lauren K. Denton is a fictional story full of hope, love, and decisions to be made... With the main character as Sara, she leaves her life of New Orleans to return to her home town in Sweet Bay, Alabama, when she learns her grandmother has passed away. Among Sara's return to Sweet Bay, she discovers her grandmother, Mags, had left her The Hideaway B & B. Though it was once a beautiful place, the B & B needed a lot of work and Mags put then renovations in Sara's hands. Sara owned her own Antique Shop in New Orleans, and loved dealing with furniture, but this was a big project for her. She not only had to worry about the B&B, but also the tenants that were still living in it, Mags best friends. Sara decided to stay in the B&B while renovations were being made, and in that time, she began thinking the stay wouldn't be so bad. Things were changing and happiness was being found...including a discovery of an old box that lead to clues about a life Mags had that not many knew about. This lead Sara on a mystery to unwind her past and piece the puzzle together.

I truly loved reading this book. It was one of those stories that keeps you wanting more. I enjoyed meeting the characters, one after another, feeling close to them and understanding how they fit into the mystery. Reading the past of Mags life and the present of Sara's, and how they intertwined together to unfold their story really makes you a part of it all. I love finding a good book and this one has really captured my heart. I was so sad to finish it haha. I definitely recommend this novel to readers out there who love feel good stories with romance and mystery combined.

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