Kid's Review on the Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine Action Figure

My son has been begging to get in on the reviews so I decided to let him write up his own review to share here on my blog. He love's reviewing toys so there's a chance you might see him more often! :) 

Check out his very first review, 
on the Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine.

"ONE WORD... Awesome! This is one of the best Wolverine action figures ever made! 3 interchangeable heads, 7 interchangeable hands, a pair of claws, a clear stand, and a claw SLASH effect that you can put on other characters backs to make awesome slice poses!
This guy also has TONS of areas that have joints, making him SUPER FLEXIBLE! That's the best thing to have for toys. A super flexible body makes great poses and lets them do more life-like stunts! His size is perfect, too! He can match the size of a 6 inch Marvel Legends toy. This IS the best! (Besides Play Art Kai Wolve! HEHEHE)"

You can find the Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine Action Figure available on Amazon under $70 right now. 


  1. Great review! It has just the right amount of details.

  2. Excellent review! Written out very well & easy to read! Loved all the details about the joints, flexibility,& posing!! Well done! Hope to see more reviews written by you!


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