Songmics Racing Sport Gaming Chair + Get 15% Off!

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

   If you're a gamer or a blogger, you know having a comfortable chair to work from is one of your top priorities before getting started. There are several chairs on the market to choose which one is right for you, and because it's a big purchase, you want to make sure you get one that will last. We've gone through our fair share of computer chairs so it was due time to get a new one. My husband has been wanting a gaming chair to sit in comfortably, as he is a streamer on Twitch, and needed something supportive as well as stylish. We were pleased find the new Songmics Racing Sport Gaming Chair!

   The Songmics Racing Sport Gaming Chair is made with comfort in mind and the ability to adapt to your body with its wide backrest and soft foam side padding. It includes a removable cushioned headrest and lumbar support to provide extra cushion when needed. The foundation of the chair itself is made of strong steel with anti-loosening screws to keep it secure over several long periods of sitting in, holding up to 330lbs. The outer fabric is made of wear-resistant PU-Cover with a nice white/black two-tone design, making it look modern and sleek for your space. This chair is very adjustable, being able to lock in 13 different positions, including raising up and down, and lying all the way back at a 150 degree angle. The armrests can move up and down to suit your needs, as well as swivel to the left or the right. This is perfect for reliving fatigue in your arm posture. There are so many great mechanisms this chair holds, making it ideal for bloggers, gamers, and someone just looking for a new comfy computer chair! 

   We have been using the Songmics Racing Sport Gaming Chair for about a week now and love the amazing functions it has. It's not only very comfortable, but the adjustments you can make to support your posture and wrists are amazing. The added lumbar support is very nice as well, keeping your back straight and supported for as long as you are sitting. The wheels also glide really well, whether it's on a hard surface or carpet, they seem to roll very easily. We currently have our chair on an area rug that sits on top of the carpet and it rolls perfectly. Our previous chair would get stuck rolling so having this new concept is amazing. My husband has commented several times how much he loves this chair and the comfort it brings him. He would experience a lot of discomfort with our previous chair, a regular office chair, so being able to compare a gaming chair versus an office chair, we can really see the benefits! It wasn't too hard to put together, see pieces and parts below :)

    I would really recommend this chair if your looking for a new one. It would make a great gift for a gamer in your life. You can find the Songmics Racing Sport Gaming Chair available on Amazon at a great price. Plus for a limited time you can get 15% OFF! Just use the code: 15SLIMWQ Songmics has a lot of great products so be sure to follow their Pinterest Page as well as their Facebook for products and inspiration!

This post is made possible by Songmics, in providing me the products to review. All opinions my own. 


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