Kid's Review on The Play Art Variant X-Force Deadpool

Another kid's review from my son on the cool Play Art Variant X-Force Deadpool! 

"I saved my money for A WHOLE YEAR to buy this guy! (Plus some Hasbro Marvel Legends.) He is worth EVERY PENNY! Arrived in perfect shape and there are a MILLION THINGS I LOVE ABOUT HIM! One is that he is a PLAY ART.


He is super flexible comes with 3 different heads; ANGRY, HAPPY, AND SHOCKED, 13 hands, 2 swords, a BAZOOKA, a knife, and 3 throw darts. WARNING: BELT, PACKS, OR KNIFE HOLSTER does not come off! If they come off, then YOU BROKE IT."

So there you have it, a short and sweet review on another amazing toy. If you liked to see his other reviews, check out his Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine post and his Diamond Select Anti-Venom post!

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