Bunny Art Stamps Using Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

   April is here and that mean Easter is on its way! Here's an easy craft to enjoy with your little ones AND a way to use up those extra empty toilet paper roll tubes you will have on hand! ;)  Make adorable bunny shaped art!

   All you need is some construction paper, any color, but think Springy/Eastery colors, An empty toilet paper roll tube, paint, and something to put the paint on. 

   Cut 2 slices off of the toilet paper roll tube, for the bunny ears, and either attach with glue or tape, or let your little one do each piece one at a time. Make a paint puddle for them to dip the pieces in, and then press it against the paper to make adorable little bunny heads. You can leave it like this or add in extra details to complete the face and background! Maybe even add some googly eyes!




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