Daily Goodie Box - April 2021

   Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own. 

   I received a bunch of goodies in April's Goodie Box! 
I loved all the snacks :)

After Bite® for Kids - this is a lotion to put on your little ones bug bites, to help ease the itch and heal it up fast. The cream has an interesting smell to it, kind of a menthol scent. My son actually recently got a mosquito bite, so we put After Bite on it. He said it felt kind of tingly at first but nothing afterward. It never itched so I'm not sure how well it worked, but I'm sure it will be great to use in the summer, when more bug bites tend to happen!
Bella Sun Luci - Sriracha Tomato Jerky . I wasn't really sure what to expect with tomato jerky but it's actually kind of a pleasant snack! The texture is chewy, kind of like jerky, but these are basically like sun-dried tomatoes with a kick. They make a fun snack and are healthy for you too!

Nutrition - Collagen Powder - It's exactly what you would expect in a Collagen Powder, and I'm curious how long term use would go. In attempting to mix the powder in my drink, I found that it does not dissolve in cold liquid very well at all. I will try it in my hot coffee next time and hope it dissolves better. However, I will say that I could taste the powder very well, and it left a gross aftertaste for me. I'm hoping the taste could be more disguised in a smoothie or something, but we'll see.

Zollipops - Zolli Caramelz - These were of course my favorite part of this goodie box. Chocolate caramel that is good for your teeth?? Sign me up! These little balls of chocolate had a great taste and texture, and they didn't get stuck in my teeth! I even felt the sample bag had a good amount of chocolates so it lasted me a couple days :)

ShiKai - CBD Cream with Menthol
- I like this lotion, as it is moisturizing and makes my skin feel soft. I think I probably prefer it without the menthol though, but it leaves my skin feeling nice and hydrated so it's doing its job well.

Crunchsters - Beyond Bacon - These little crunchy pieces are a unique snack. They are a bit crunchier than I'd like, but the flavor they have, really is a great set of spices. It's not overly bacon flavored, but it has a nice smokey, sweet, yet salty taste that makes them fun to suck on. Though if you eat too many at once, you will definitely want to have a drink with them, as they're very salty! 

Crown Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup - This was fun to see a limited edition bourbon syrup in a cute little bottle, although I thought it was a tiny beverage lol. The syrup itself is pretty good, with a nice spicy bourbon taste. It goes well on waffles and pancakes, it's even recommended for more unique food pairings! And because of its cute design, it would make an excellent addition to a gift (breakfast basket, waffle baking set, ect) or for future Christmas stockings! 
Sprayology - EveryDay Multi & EveryDay Sunshine - These sprayable vitamins are a fun and different way to get your vitamins in, although can be inconvenient if you're in a rush. They both have great flavors, but I especially like the Sunshine as it is Peach flavored. The Multi has a vitamin taste to it, but I guess that's too be expected. You take 10 sprays by mouth each day, to get the vitamins you need. Easy for on the go too!

Once again, I enjoyed trying all the fun items in this months Goodie Box. I always look forward to trying the new products so I can know what I should purchase next! 
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