The Secrets of Emberwild - Book Review

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The Secrets of Emberwild by Stephenia H. McGee is a historical romance set in the 1900's, designed around a struggling horse farm and a woman who wants to be the trainer. Nora Fenton's father passed away and left behind quite a big job to deal with, but Nora was passionate about horses and loved their farm, hoping she could convince others, that, even though she is a woman, she can handle it all. She enters her prized Colt into the races, runs into dishonest family members, and meets a man named Silas Caballero. Silas not only wants to help Nora train the horses, but his main focus is to solve the mystery of how his own father died. He asks a lot of questions, trying to put pieces of the puzzle together, he begins to find himself admiring Nora. While they are working together, they start to uncover secrets of the past and face questionable accidents thrown their way. Everything is risky but it begins to make sense as the truth comes out. 

   This book was hard for me to follow. I realized that I'm not a big fan of historical reads, and though I like horses as an animal, I don't find much interest in reading about them and the races they're in. It was entertaining to uncover the mysteries that unraveled, but the story itself felt long and drawn out. 

   You can find The Secrets of Emberwild available for purchase on Amazon or at a book store near you.
 I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own.

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