Pillows For My Couch

      Year after year I have been trying to figure out how to add pieces of decor to our little apartment, on a budget. We purchased our couch for just $75, in near brand new condition, and our coffee table was free! But the pillows that came with our couch, were just ugly to me so I knew I needed to make a change. I was browsing on Amazon for couch pillow covers, wanting to find something I would love but wouldn't break the bank. I came across the "Love You More" pillow cover and knew I had to have it. Lucky for me, it was on sale for just $3!! It's the perfect pillow cover for my couch and it fit my original 18"x18" couch pillow perfectly! It was a little snug to get the pillow in there because of the zipper closure on the bottom not being wide enough. But I got the pillow in there an it's nice and secure, looking beautiful on my couch. 

While finding the "Love You More" pillow cover, I came across an adorable Red and White Moose couch pillow cover. I thought it would look great for the holidays and the price was so affordable, I made the purchase. But when I received the Moose pillow cover, I was extremely dissapointed. It was nothing of what the description or the Amazon photo showed. The fabric was described to be cotton linen, and the photo shows it has a burlap look to it. But the cover I received is definitely not cotton linen or burlap, it's more of a silk-polyester material. Kind of like what a gym sack backpack is made of. So you could imagine my disappointment. The pillow cover went from looking fancy in cotton burlap on Amazon, to arriving looking like a cutout from an old sack. BUT...after I put the cover on my couch pillow...most of my disappointment went away. It still looks beautiful on my couch, and though I do wish it had the cotton/burlap fabric look, I have grown to love the pillow and I think it ties my decor together nicely.

What do you think? Do mismatched pillows suit my couch? 
Either way, I love it!

*I did NOT receive items to review, It was a purchase I made on my own.*

*Brown pillow IS from previous review of the Qi Pillow
*Design Pillow I purchased at Kohl's discounted for less than $5!

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