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On behalf of March being the National Reading Month, National Geographic Kids helps celebrate and promote the benefits of reading by providing colorful and informative children's books to enjoy!
I am a huge fan of National Geographic books that are filled with so many fun facts and stories. They are great go-to books to use in our homeschooling adventures! 

I love that National Geographic Kids has level reader books, so your child can grow with them based on their reading vocabulary. Each Super Reader book is rated starting with the Pre-Reader where your child is ready to begin learning how to read, to 1: starting to read, 2: Independent Reader, and up to 3, a Fluent Reader, making it fun and exciting ranking higher as they get better in reading. You and your child can visit to become an amazing Super Reader, (even download a certificate claiming so) enjoy some fun activities, and earn prizes as well! A great way to keep them interactive with their reading enjoyment. It's really great that every book has interesting facts your child can learn, as well as silly jokes to keep your kids interested and having fun. There are so many things to enjoy about Nat Geo books, truly something every age level can enjoy!

Below are just a few books National Geographic Kids offers per age level:
Hop, Bunny! as a Pre-Reader filled with easy to read words for your beginning reader, as well as vocabulary tree's to understand words better and a photo with each. This book is so cute, it would be a perfect addition to an upcoming children's Easter basket! :)

Follow Me! and Red Pandas are Level 1 Readers, which contain a little bit more words and sentences for your budding reader. There are also colorful boxes around each page, to help encourage your little ones to look around as they read and find new information to learn on. Lots of fun facts in these ones! 

They even have Spanish books, such as the Level 1 book: Los Dinosaurios. Great for bilingual children, or those learning Spanish as a second language. Very fun to go off of.

I didn't receive any Level 2 books, so on to Sacagawea and Mars for the Level 3 Reader books. These are perfect for your fluent reader, as there is a good amount of reading on each page, but still photos to keep your child interested, and little definition bubbles to teach your reader the meaning of bigger words used. There are even fun facts and silly jokes in this one.

I love all of these Level reader Books! The Animal Ark book makes a fun family reading time story. National Geographic Kids makes many many books your whole family can enjoy. The bright and colorful stories not only bring in facts and information, they also help build your child's imagination and future interest in reading. Paired with the Super Readers club, this is a great way to keep your child motivated in reading!

You can find more information on National Geographic Kids and their latest products by visiting them at as well as finding them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Happy Reading!!

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